Buddhism and Meditation in Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Triratna Buddhist Group 2019

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We are hoping to start meeting in person again in September. We will not be able to meet before then as the owners of our venue have decided not to open just yet. We will update this page again when we know the date we will resume. In the meantime, do follow us on Twitter or Facebook, where we are posting links to online meditations, talks and articles.

Welcome to the Letchworth Triratna Buddhist Group. We are an outreach group run with the help of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, part of the Triratna Buddhist Community. The group was started in May 2001 as a drop-in meditation class. Since then, it has grown and offers a range of Buddhist practices.

We are a friendly and welcoming group of people, drawn together by our wish to meditate, to explore our spirituality and to find out how Buddhism can help us live our lives. You do not need to consider yourself a Buddhist to join us – we are made up of people from all sorts of different backgrounds, and the group is relevant to anyone looking for personal growth and meaning.

You do not need to have any experience of meditation to come along. Learning meditation is a life-long experience, so we all have to start somewhere! The evening is always structured so that new people will be given the support they need to join in.

Our classes run on donations and we suggest £5, although you are free to donate whatever you want. Our classes are on Thursday evenings – see our What’s On page for more details.

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