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Useful links

This page is intended as a collection of links to webpages of articles, videos etc about meditation and Buddhism which we have found useful. Also see below for suggestions of books on these subjects. This page is still in progress so please come back to check regularly!


What is Meditation? by London Buddhist Centre – a 2-minute video explaining the idea of meditation

Article: Seven Tips on Making Meditation a Daily Habit

Triratna meditation practices – click here for an iPhone app of the practices we do


What is Buddhism? by London Buddhist Centre – a 5-minute video explaining the essentials of Buddhism

Book suggestions

Click on the book title to be taken to a page where you can purchase the book or e-book.

Erricker, Clive: Teach Yourself Buddhism

Jinananda: Meditating: A Buddhist View

Kamalashila: Meditation: Tranquillity, Imagination and Insight

Keown, Damian: Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction

Kulananda: Principles of Buddhism

Maitreyabandhu: Life with Full Attention: A Practical Course in Mindfulness

Vajragupta: Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life

Vessantara: The Art of Meditation: The Breath

Vessantara: The Art of Meditation: The Heart

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